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© Lesley Deschler Canossi

Navigating the Domestic: Mother as Artist

Dates: Tuesdays, Mar 19–Apr 23, 2019
Time: 1–3pm (New York City time)
Sessions: 6
Limited enrollment: 10 students
Fee: €365
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This course is for students who would like to photographically explore the joys, sorrow, expectations, and demands of daily life including the intimacy of family, partnership, and personal identity. Through live group discussions and critique, each students’ creativity will be nurtured and a sustainable artistic practice will emerge. Ideas and images will be cultivated, and students will be encouraged to complete thoughts and dig deep. This class is open to photographers looking to build upon an existing body of work, but also to better understand, edit and sequence their existing images or give direction to their practice. Historical and contemporary art investigating the domestic space will be presented. Students may work using any camera format, and fine-art print production and modes of presentation are discussed.