The Art of Street Photography: Capturing the Unexpected
© James Prochnik

The Art of Street Photography: Capturing the Unexpected

Dates: Wednesdays, Feb 1–Mar 1, 2023
Time: 6:30–8:30pm (ET)
Sessions: 5
Limited enrollment: 8 students
Fee: $340
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The streets are a complex and often chaotic dance of people, light, weather, architecture, and objects. Street photographers need to see and feel it all at once. If we're ready and lucky, we can catch the fleeting moments that distill our messy reality into the visual poetry of a successful photograph. Luck favors the prepared photographer — and this class will get us ready to go, especially if we’re just starting out on this journey. We'll study the interplay of light and shadow, gesture, color vs. black and white, layers, and more. We'll sharpen our skills and eyes with practical exercises and learn better strategies to put ourselves in the right place at the right time. Additionally, we'll explore how to approach strangers for street portraits and discuss some of the tricky ethics of our practice. You'll leave class with a better understanding of what makes a good street photograph and a clearer vision of how to get there.


James is an excellent instructor. Patient, informative, astute and generous with his time and feedback. All of that AND an awesome photographer. I learned a lot.
—Jules (New Jersey)
I want to thank you for such an inspiring class. You are a wonderful teacher! You brought to the forefront for me just how essential light is in a taking good photos. You also encouraged me to be experimental and I have got to know my camera better as a result. Best wishes for your upcoming photography projects. I hope you’ll be teaching again before too long.
—Anna (California)

James Prochnik
James Prochnik
James Prochnik

James Prochnik is a Brooklyn-based photographer who uses photography as a means to explore the world outside, focusing on people, place, memory and the poetry of the everyday. His photographs have been published in The New York Times, Vice Media, Lenscratch, USA Today, and Shots Magazine and have been exhibited in galleries around the country. In 2019, James launched NYC Photo Community — a weekly newsletter listing photography events, workshops, exhibitions, and opportunities for photographers everywhere. James has been a regular guest lecturer on ethics and aesthetics in street photography at the University of Vermont.

James teaches street photography, poems and pictures, richness of light, and more for StrudelmediaLive.