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I LOVED Gianni’s lighting class. He is extremely nice and an excellent teacher. He is generous with his time, which is greatly appreciated. I loved the size of the class, and the quality/expertise of the teaching. I learned a lot, and I loved the fact it was an international crowd, with people from all over the world. And, I thought the class was reasonably priced. I was sad that the class ended.  
—Gabrielle (San Francisco)
I enjoyed very much the workshop, Marianne is really good, the feedback and her comments helped me a lot in my personal work, I wish I had more classes with her…. this course was a breath of fresh air.  
—Lorena (Mexico)
This has been a great class to finally learn how to put the many images that live on my computer in a book form — Edward lays out a clear and very helpful course to accomplish your own zine or book.  
—MG (Brooklyn, NY)