About Us

welcome to StrudelmediaLive!

StrudelmediaLive was started by Anja Hitzenberger to offer live, interactive, and instructor-led online photography classes to people around the world. Most of these classes take place weekly in small groups of up to 8 students. Our classes take place in real time so that the students and teacher can speak with each other in a live group setting, giving feedback in real time, with students participating from many different places geographically.

The instructors — in addition to Anja — are a diverse group of teachers based in New York City and internationally. They share their knowledge and skills in subjects like storytelling, long-term projects, documentary and street photography, composition, feedback groups, multimedia, Lightroom and classes on designing and making photobooks and zines.

Meeting and working with people from a variety of cultures is one of Anja’s passions, from the time she studied at the International Center of Photography in New York, to teaching workshops in China and Europe, or collaborating with people in South Korea and India.