Assignment Workflow from a Pro: Plan, Shoot, Deliver — Repeat!
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Assignment Workflow from a Pro: Plan, Shoot, Deliver — Repeat!

Dates: Jun 23–Jul 2, 2020
Time: 3–5pm (ET)
Sessions: 4 (Tue/Thu: June 23, 25, 30 & July 2)
Limited enrollment: 15 students
Fee: $250
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Photographer Marco Bello (Reuters, Bloomberg, Getty Images, and others) will share an in-depth look at his workflow for a variety of assignments — from editorial and commercial to photojournalism. What’s the assignment about? What are the client’s expectations? How do you prepare? We’ll cover everything from developing an idea, handling equipment, and what to bring to a shoot, to file formats, pre-editing in camera, and sending files while on the job. And more: travel logistics, getting access and working with fixers, dealing with obstacles and troubleshooting, and getting things done fast. Learn about post-production techniques — importing, editing, metadata, and tips to speed up the Lightroom workflow. We’ll also cover business aspects like sharing work on social media and invoicing. By the end of the class, students will have learned new tools and resources to develop their own set of best practices. This class is a unique opportunity — both for students who want to be better prepared to shoot photography assignments, and also for working photographers who want to improve their workflow.

This is a conversational lecture class with no assignments.


I was fortunate enough to take this documentary photography class with Marco Antonio Bello, and have come away with new insights and a much better understanding of what documentary photography is all about. Thank you Marco for your tenacity and inspiration!
—Barbara (New Jersey)
I appreciate how you shared what you had to do to take photos and your whole workflow process. It was kind of like doing an internship with you — getting a real inside look from a person who is shooting for one of the top agencies in the world — without having to wear a bulletproof vest and gas mask.
—Deborah (Boston)

Marco Bello
Marco Bello

Marco Antonio Bello is an award-winning Reuters photojournalist, based in Caracas (Venezuela) and Miami. He originally studied business and worked as an IT consultant, but the political and social changes in Venezuela after the death of President Chavez in 2013 inspired him to become a photojournalist, eventually working for Reuters in Venezuela. In 2016 he attended the ICP Masterclass “Visual Storytelling in the Digital Age” in Turin, Italy, and in 2017 he was accepted to the Eddie Adams Workshop in New York. Along with photojournalism, he also teaches photography workshops in some of the main photography schools in Venezuela.

He has received awards from Le Prix de la Photographie de Paris (2018), 75th Picture of the Year International (POYI) Award of Excellence (2018), American Photography 34 Chosen Winner (2018); NPPA’s Best of Photojournalism (2018), PDN Photo Annual (2018), International Photography Awards (2017), Honorable Mention; Latin American Fotografia 6 Winner (2017), and National Award of Journalism (2015).

Marco teaches documentary photography and photojournalism   for StrudelmediaLive.