Create Your Own Zine or Photobook with InDesign
© Edward Ratliff (books/zines by previous students)
Create Your Own Zine or Photobook with InDesign
© Edward Ratliff (books/zines by previous students)

Create Your Own Zine or Photobook with InDesign

Dates: Tuesdays, Apr 23–Jun 18, 2024
Time: 1–3pm (ET)
Sessions: 6 (This class has 5 group sessions plus a private 1-on-1 session and meets Tuesdays every other week: April 23; May 7, 21; June 4, 18)
Limited enrollment: 6 students
Fee: $495
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Adobe’s InDesign is the most flexible and powerful application to layout and design a photobook or zine. This 6-session class is for students who are new to it or who’d like a refresher to work on a project. We’ll discuss developing a visual concept to fit your specific story, and cover step-by-step instructions on workflow, how to best plan and setup a project, how to use the most important InDesign tools, and how to prepare, import and resize photos. We’ll discuss working with text, fonts, and typography, and you’ll learn to speak the language of printers and designers. You’ll also get recommendations for where to print your particular project. We’ll look at a variety of zines and photobooks for design inspiration and discuss different design ideas. Students will work on their projects throughout the course, so that by the end (depending on the scope of the project), you’ll have a layout ready to print. This class is limited to only 6 students. We’ll meet as a group for 5 sessions every other week, followed by a private 1-on-1 session to work together on your specific book or zine.

Please note: No prior knowledge of InDesign is required. Students should have a group of images ready to develop into a book or zine. Adobe's InDesign is available by a monthly subscription that can be stopped and started as you like.
This has been a great class to finally learn how to put the many images that live on my computer in a book form — Edward lays out a clear and very helpful course to accomplish your own zine or book.
—MG (Brooklyn, NY)
We just returned from a week away and found my zine waiting for me! I love it! Many thanks to you both and especially Edward for your time, expertise and patience as I began to learn InDesign. I am grateful and appreciative!
—Lisa (New York)

Edward Ratliff
photo by Anja Hitzenberger
Edward Ratliff

Edward Ratliff is a composer, filmmaker, designer, and multi-disciplinary artist.

As a composer and performer, he has led bands in Europe and Asia and throughout New York City and has received numerous commissions and grants for dance and theater scores. His music has been heard in shows on HBO, Netflix, Nickelodeon, Hulu, the Discovery Channel, PBS, and more — everything from a biography of Dostoyevsky to Real Sex Xtra. He “is best known for making richly cinematic music that captures New York City’s momentum and diversity…” (The Wall Street Journal).

Edward is a designer who works in both print and digital — developing websites and designing books and other printed material for clients ranging from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to individual artists. His film and video work has been exhibited in festivals internationally, and he has studied film devotedly for decades.

Edward teaches movies as inspiration and using InDesign to create zines and books   for StrudelmediaLive.