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How to Light Environmental Portraits

Dates: Thursdays, Jan 31–Feb 21, 2019
Time: 1–3pm (New York City time)
Sessions: 4
Limited enrollment: 10 students
Fee: $295
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Learn on-location lighting using the least amount of equipment possible. We will concentrate on environmental portraits in a variety of situations, from indoor and outdoor locations, to mixed lighting during the day and at night. We will cover on- and off-camera flash photography fundamentals: exposure, distance, mixing with ambient light, sync, TTL, light meters, the pros and cons of flash versus continuous lighting (LED lights), as well as the use of light modifiers. In addition, we will discuss how to communicate a message through lighting and how to best position and interact with your subject. Through weekly shooting assignments, students get to practice on their own and will over time improve the quality of their images. Through in-class presentations we will analyze ways artificial lighting is used by a variety of masters of on-location lighting.