Mastering Color in Your Images
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Mastering Color in Your Images

Dates: Wednesdays, May 26–Jun 16, 2021
Time: 12–2pm (ET)
Sessions: 4
Limited enrollment: 8 students
Fee: $295
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Color can be a complex topic, but it’s so important to creating visually satisfying images. In this course we’ll uncover the story behind color theory and how to use it, including primary, secondary, and complementary colors. Expand your knowledge of color and light and learn to really read the colors in your images (to see whether they’re off or not), how to mix cool and warm colors to achieve the right look, and when and how to use the Adobe Lightroom Classic sliders to adjust hue, saturation, luminosity, tone and colors accordingly. There will be weekly assignments to further develop your color theory skills. By the end of this course, you’ll have a deeper understanding of color and how to get the best, optimal look for any image.


Please note: Students should have a basic understanding of Adobe Lightroom Classic for this course.
I loved Lavonne's class on mastering color. She is a selfless, inventive, and no-drama teacher whom I truly appreciated. I have taken many classes in the past and the teacher often wants to be the star … but Lavonne’s approach is to extend to the student a different way of looking at photos via color and, of course, light.
—Pat (Northern New Jersey)

Lavonne Hall
Lavonne Hall

Lavonne Hall is a native New Yorker and has been extremely active in the photography and film communities for more than 25 years. She is a fine art photographer, a live-streaming influencer, and a social butterfly. She teaches at the International Center of Photography and the School of Visual Arts, where she received her Masters in Digital Photography (and for whom she developed two iPad apps). She presents Lightroom demos for Adobe and Wacom, has worked with Pentax, Fuji Film, B&H, KelbyOne, and Adorama among others, and is the coordinator of the NY Photo Salon. One of her passions is getting people out and about to experience life through photography.

Lavonne teaches color theory   for StrudelmediaLive.