Seeing Ourselves in the Street: Identifying with the Other
© Reuben Radding

Seeing Ourselves in the Street: Identifying with the Other

Dates: Thursdays, Jun 23–Jul 28, 2022
Time: 7–9pm (ET)
Sessions: 6
Limited enrollment: 8 students
Fee: $380
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Street photography is an improvisation, performed in long hours of wandering alone on foot, guided by the scent of human character and fragility, poetic physical gestures, momentary chance encounters, and quiet interactions that become stopped in time. The resulting pictures may leave unanswerable questions in the viewer’s mind. They can also be a way to help us as photographers to feel more connected to the people and world around us. In this class we'll use a stream-of-consciousness approach to shooting, editing, and sequencing the work. You’ll be encouraged to take a free and fresh look at the images you create on the street, without being burdened by preconceptions of either documentary practices or conceptual mandates of fine art dogmas. Through weekly presentations, assignments, and group editing, we'll make and share new work, with an emphasis on daily practice, and the discoveries we can make about ourselves.



Reuben Radding
Reuben Radding

Reuben Radding is a photographer, writer, and musician based in New York City. His black and white street and personal documentary photographs depict elusive or unlikely candid moments which provoke unanswerable questions in the viewer's mind. Radding’s work has been exhibited in galleries around the world, and in The New York TimesRolling Stone, Hamburger Eyes, Hyperallergic, and many others. His work has also been featured at the Miami Street Photography Festival, the Center for Fine Art Photography (Ft. Collins, CO), and the Focus on the Story Festival (Washington DC). Since 2019 he has published a popular ongoing series of photo zines, including the three volume series Corona Diary. Radding has taught at the New York Institute of Photography, and has been a guest lecturer at New York University, and the International Center of Photography. He received his MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College in 2019.

Reuben teaches street photography   for StrudelmediaLive.