Sending Your Photobook or Zine to Print: An Overview of the Process
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Sending Your Photobook or Zine to Print: An Overview of the Process

Dates: Sunday, Oct 15, 2023
Time: 1pm (ET)
Sessions: 1
Fee: $39
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Holding your own printed photobook or zine in your hands can be really satisfying — but how do you get there? Jump into this broad overview of the process, from conception to sending it off to the printers. We’ll talk about what you should consider along the way, including getting started on the design (whether you do it yourself or work with a designer), preparing your images, types of book and zine formats and bindings, tips on how to decide on which printing company to use, and the printing process. By the end of this one-hour mini-workshop, you should have a good introduction to what’s involved as you move your photobook or zine from an idea to an object. Questions are encouraged in this interactive session.


Mini-Workshops last about an hour and may have higher enrollment than our other classes.
What a great class — I learned a lot and found it very inspirational!
—Jessica (New York City)
Anja and Edward did a great job creating this class. I especially enjoyed the Hong Kong films featured in the class — they were new to me. I must say that the class made me think of films in a different way. It was strange to me that I reacted to the assignments as real challenges that made me quite nervous — a sure sign that the class was a true growth experience. I hope I can take another course with you someday down the road.
—Mike (California)

Edward Ratliff
photo by Anja Hitzenberger
Edward Ratliff

Edward Ratliff is a multi-disciplinary artist and educator. In the visual realm, he’s a graphic designer who works in print and digital media with clients ranging from individual artists to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. His film, video, and installation work has been exhibited internationally.

As a composer and multi-instrumentalist, he’s led bands in clubs, theaters, and festivals across New York City and in Europe and Asia, and has received numerous commissions and grants for dance and theater scores. His music has been heard in shows on Netflix, HBO, Nickelodeon, Hulu, PBS, and more — everything from a biography of Dostoyevsky to Real Sex Xtra. He “is best known for making richly cinematic music that captures New York City’s momentum and diversity” (The Wall Street Journal) and has been called “a wonderfully spunky and imperturbable trumpet player” (The New York Times).

Edward teaches movies as inspiration and using InDesign to create zines and books for StrudelmediaLive.