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The Photobook Show

Moonlighting II: When Writers Photograph

episode 6

Fri, Jan 13, 2023 at 1pm (ET)
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In our last episode (“Moonlighting I”) we looked at painters who photograph; this time we will focus on writers: how they approach photography, what we can learn from theater about staging a photograph, and what the commonalities and differences between writing and photography are. We’ll focus on the German writer Einar Schleef — a towering figure in the German-speaking literature and theatre scenes of the ‘90s — whose most famous book, Gertrud, is about his mother and his upbringing in East Germany. He photographed and painted all his life as well as writing and we’ll examine a book with contact sheets that accompanied a large retrospective on his life and work. In addition, we’ll visit the work of photographer Michael Schmidt, particularly his most well-known book, Waffenruhe, which features writing by Schleef.

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Stefan Frank

Stefan Frank is a photographer and writer, working from Heidelberg, Germany. Way before he came to photography, he studied mathematics and philosophy at Ruhr Universität Bochum and worked as an IT specialist. He studied at Atelier Smedsby with JH Engström and Margot Wallard in Paris in 2017, before he eventually began studying photography at Ostkreuzschule, Berlin, with Peter Bialobrzeski. He graduated in 2023 with the work Irgendwo (“Anywhere”), a project dealing with politically motivated crime and the terror-spree of the far right in Germany. He has been teaching with StrudelmediaLive since 2020, giving courses on surrealism, poetics of space, gestalt theory for photographers, and more. His work has been exhibited in Heidelberg, Frankfurt, and Berlin.

Stefan teaches the poetics of space, nighttime photography, and much more — including presenting The Photobook Show — for StrudelmediaLive.