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Today, sadly, is the last of Kai’s B&W class — it has been great and he’s an excellent teacher. I rejuvenated some of my Photoshop skills which have been dormant and learned a lot.  
—Lisa (New York)
Kai's class was brilliant — he's such a good teacher and I hope he does more classes for you. He was so organized with the content and assignments and he left us with some outstanding resources. Wonderful to have met him and I loved rediscovering Black and White photography. Brought me back to the days as a teen in my parents’ basement, developing my own photos on our washer and dryer!  
—Jennifer (Monaco)
I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed taking the class with Elizabeth over the last several weeks. I think she did excellent job teaching through the Zoom platform. She was very professional and also very personal. I also appreciate that recordings are available after the fact, because there was a lot of information. I’m glad I can review it and make notes for myself. I would love to see Elizabeth teach another class on making more book structures in the future. I know there are other things that she could teach us, and I would be happy to sign up for another session.    I’m so glad I stumbled on the StrudelmediaLive platform!
—Deborah (Troy, NY)